Pregnant Women...Beer Ads?

Who exactly is this type of advertising trying to appeal to?! These two advertisements, that are used in Brazil, show pregnant women holding non-alcoholic beer, and wearing hardly any clothes. Dressed in daisy dukes and short spandex...underwear?...these women are clearly portraying the "party girl" image. With their come hither eyes, they seem like they would appeal to most guys looking for attractive women wanting to have a good time. Except of course, these women are pregnant. Has bearing a child become sexy? I think this definately following the new pregnancy trend among celebrities. More and more stars are showing up at red carpet events proudly showing off their bumps in tight fitting dresses. Women are also appearing on covers of high fashion magazines during their pregnancies. Instead of hiding a bulging baby belly, beautiful women have chosen to embrace it, and show it as a sign of femininity. Therefore, these images may have been used to attract females to their beer. How strange.I think that their marketing strategy may just pay off, as bizarre as it may seem. This is something we rarely see, so to mix something such as drinking and pregnancy seems ridiculous. But is it? I don't think so. Women want to feel sexy when they are pregnant, and be able to go out and do the things they used to such as going out to party. However, there is definately a point where women should realize that their are going to be a mother soon, and dress and act appropriately ( not like the women above) .Women have also become very health conscious and are looking for different options. We have recently seen ads featuring a new light beer, a drink with less carbs/ calories/ fat that are used to draw females into their products. Everyone knows that drinking is unacceptable when carrying a child, but nobody suggests that someone should spend their evenings on the couch knitting up a new bonnet for when the "young one arrives". It's 2007. The beer company is actually making clear connection with what women want, whether we like it or not. I don't think anyone saw THAT one coming. The beer companies haven't been the only ones to use this type advertising. A car company in Spain also used pregnant women to advertise their products. Check out this link to see the ad :